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Question regarding Desktop Hard Drive icon

I'm a new mac user, so if this is a dumb question, I'm sorry.

I have my desktop set to show item info.

It used to show how much disk space I had left on my hard drive, as
well as total size of the drive...

I don't know what setting I hit, but now, it only tells me total size,
on it and any mounted network drives.

How can I make it so it shows me the amount I have left?


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Political User
If you select View --> Show View Options from the Finder (or Command+J) then that will give you the option to show item info.


Act your wage.
Political User
I'm not quite sure about that. I've got the same option ticked and my free space is displayed. You might try unticking the option and logging out, then logging in and selecting it again.


Random Apple Dude
This might have something to do with "Indexing' your drive. You could try APPLE+I on the Hard Drive icon ---> Content index: ---> Index.

Either that or you have no space left on your drive :p

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