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Question on "Warez"



Ok, I hope none of the admins-mods-members or whoever dont take this in a bad way or like go cookoo on me but i got a question.....

How come you cant post the links for Longhorn on here, and if you do theyll be taken off, when (correct me if im wrong) most of the persons who run xp-erience.org are probably getting that supposed called "warez" software (Longhorn) if not already have it?

Doesnt seem very fare to me. Dont like get balistic on me or anything, im just stating an opinion because the vast majority of the members and admins of this site love to download all of these little programs, especially if theyre beta or alpha stages or w/e of software....and even better if its something of such importance like Longhorn. I mean come on how many of you havent been dying to get your little fingers on this?

State your opinions people and please dont kill me, Im just a poor 16 year old dude with to much time on his hands :p

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Longhorn. Don't know nothing about it. Don't want to know anything about it. As for beta software you can keep it. Someone else can test it.


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The only way anyone is going to have longhorn at this point in time is if Microsoft has sent it to them.
Any other way of owning a copy at the moment is illegal and won't be discussed here


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From the emails I've received and this thread I'm assuming ppl think I have Longhorn... I don't, nor do I want it (if I wanted it I would have it by now). It's an Alpha stage OS, perhaps if it were a beta I would like to try it. But as SPeedY_B and xsivforce have stated, it would be illegal, even in beta stage, for me to have a copy if it were not given to me bye M$.
The story was posted because it's news, news that a lot of ppl are interested in hearing.
I'll say it once again then maybe the emails will stop, I don't have Longhorn nor will I tell anyone where they can get it from :)
as you have stated we *may* have a copy... but that is our personal business... it has nothing to do with the site... nor will it have anything to do with the site.

It has been globaly intended @ the XP-erience HQ to keep things on the site as legal as possible. Our soul perpose for this site it to bring news (as jewelzz has said) - news which people want to read... and also to help on a technical side, which we do through the forums. We also tend to bring in reviews and various other things into it... but like stated above we try our best to keep things as close to the line as possible.

If a member of the site staff do download and handle illegal software... it can not be brought into disripute with the site, as it is their business and they downloaded within their own free will.

Thats just about it :)



I only have 1 question, why isn't This Thread considered as warez discussion? Seems to me it should be considering some of the other posts that have been closed.


I may actually be insane.
That thread simply asks what (legal) p2p application we use to download mp3's ... we can download mp3's of music we have on cd, or of music that has been lisenced to be distributed publicly, of course we could also go download things that aren't meant to be published on the net, but again this is up to the person using the application.
The thread is merely asking which application(s) people are using.
Posted by PC-Dude
I only have 1 question, why isn't This Thread considered as warez discussion? Seems to me it should be considering some of the other posts that have been closed.
This thread isn't asking about how to obtain warez... or asking about them generally.. is asking about the site staff.. so if anything should be moved into the problems/feedback section ;)



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Nor do I, nor have I ever.
I paid for my copies of XP Professional, OfficeXP, Plus! XP, StyleXP (which I do not use any longer, PatchXP is better), Tweak-XP Pro, NIS, NSW, etc., etc., etc.
The only beta software I use are those that I am a beta tester for.

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how the bloody hell does all this stuff get leaked like does microsoft give a monkeys that there top selling product gets peeked at by rivals a year before its released every piece of software microsoft has produced has been leaked before its released for example msn messenger builds, msn 8, er longhorn is there a loose cannon in the corporation or something


I may actually be insane.
God knows, its probably all a ploy to get the largest beta testing program ever :p
And yet they still manage to release buggy products, Good old Microsoft :D


What more could they ask for than the most effective beta testing program on the planet. Tekkies who have nothing better to do than scan the internet for pre release programs and the ones who have the ability to get their hands on it probably know more than some of the people who develeoped it. Its out in the real world being torn apart by these people and all that information on what needs to happen somehow leaks back to microsoft and they release the product a little while before they would have each time. Who knows I could be wrong.

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