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Question on upgrading PS3 hard drive.


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I don't have my PS3 yet, so I can't just read the manual and figure it out on my own. It'll be here the end of the week but I'm impatient. The deal is I want to put a bigger drive in my system. If I Google for instructions, all the links are from pages over a year old. I know the PS3 has been changed several times since release and I want to be sure I have the most recent instructions so I can order any parts I may need. Most sites say I need a 2.5 inch SATA drive at 5400 RPM. Is this still the case? I'm assuming the 2.5 inch will remain standard but 5400 RPM? That seems slow/old for such a fast/new system. Also what flavor of SATA? Is it the 1.5 or the 3gb/sec version? Just curious, any help before it gets here would be awesome! Thanks in advance.


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Everything you need to know

and here

My PS3 is a 60 Gig 1st gen i used the Seagate 7200 160gig

you can upgrade the built-in harddisk in your PS3 with every SATA 2,5″ harddisk. The height of the new harddisk
has to be smaller than 9,6mm to fit into your PS3. Here is a small list with supported harddisks:

Fujitsu MHW2100BH 100GB
Fujitsu MHW2120BH 120GB
Fujitsu MYH2250BH 250GB
HITACHI TravelstarSK160 160GB
HITACHI Travelstar 5K250 250GB (HTS542525K9SA00)
SAMSUNG Spinpoint M80 160GB
SAMSUNG SpinPoint M5S 250GB (HM250JI)
Seagate ST8100828AS 100GB
Seagate ST9120822AS 120GB
Seagate ST9160821AS 160GB
W.Digital WD1000BEVS 100GB
W.Digital WD1200BEVS 120GB
W.Digital WD2500BEVS 250GB Scorpio
Toshiba MK325GSX 320GB
ATTENTION: Due to the maximum supported height of the harddisk slot it’s not possible to insert the latest 500GB 2,5″ harddisks!
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Great find, tdinc! This is definately going to help my friend who is trying to do this same thing.

That stinks that the 500 GB drives will not fit :(. That is about the size he wanted (even though he hardly puts stuff on it).

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