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Question on spam


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I see that the "Team Penquin" thread was closed for a lot of spamming. The thread was silly, but it wasn't offensive. I'm trying to understand what the difference is between this thread and "The Really Loong Thread" or "The Person Above Me" threads, which are also silly, but not (generally) offensive. I really don't care since, as you can tell from my post count, I don't spam at all. Just want to understand.


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I think its the content really, the penguin thread really had no point at all. It was just random jibber jabber. Which can be done through PM's or on IRC or some IM client. There really isn't a reason for that on here.

The other threads you mentioned, although they may be "spam-like" they at least have a purpose and a point however vauge it may seem.


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Thanks Aprox for your response.

It does seem to be a little hair splitting. But I see that "Loong" thread and the "one above me" thread have a certain rationale, with a comment based upon the one before. You're saying that the Team Penquin thread is just a conversation and I understand. It just seems that I see a lot of conversations in many threads that I think keep the forum strong.

I guess it comes down to what I see when I drive by a garage sale: One man's treasure is another man's trash.


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The issue is the frequency and, occasionally, content of the posts.

If you look at the posts in some of the "spam" threads like the music thread of the long thread and others and compare the frequency, it is no where close to what the Team Penguin thread was.

Vanquished and his friends repeatedly said they understood and would slow down or use other mediums for some of the posts but over the past few days there were seriously going over the top with the postings.

It's not been permanently closed, yet, but if the thread just shows more of the same, this might be an action to consider.

There is nothing wrong, per se, with conversations. I also, personally, have nothing against the people in the thread. However, go through the thread and you will see the posts, some requests from mods over several days and then the temp-closure after things just went haywire.

Once it is re-opened, like I said, we'll see what happens.


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For the record, I too have no issue with any member that is apart of this community. We expect all members to follow the guidelines set forth by community leaders and we defiantly expect all members to listen to warnings that have been issued.

Vanquished, I have no issue with you or the group you are apart of. It is actually quite cool that members of this community take it seriously enough and want to start a "group". However, we expect the same from everyone regardless of their status. I've told you before that you, bobsalot, and NLM (which we discussed today) are good additions to this site.


F@H - Is it in you?
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Y'all can obviously chat in real-time on the IRC channel.

If all goes well, y'all should be able to use the web-based features but I'll leave that to the IRC experts :smoker:

I am an IRC noob.

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There's too many whingers and whiners these day so spam isn't even spam anymore. Oh and you gotta agree with everything they say or they go and cry in their soup :rolleyes: :lick:


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As to the comparison to the threads "Really Long___" and "Person Above___". They have been closed before. Also for excessive spam and pointless posts. They were reopened after a time and quite frankly are still on probation. The "Team Penguin" thread wound up in a similar situation. Not saying due to the Team Penguin group members but if you look through the entire thread you can see why it was done. No one wishes to close threads but sometimes they get, nutty. We all appreciate and enjoy that you and the group of Team Penguin are members of this OSNN comunity. It's a shame that the thread got closed, but try to understand. And again, it's not you nor any Team Penguin group member that is being singled out. It just got weird is all. Hey maybe it will get opened again, just like the other two threads I mentioned. Anything is possible. :)


One major problem was this person/member "penguin". Yeah, I did go through the entire thread just to be sure of what I am saying as to all this. Alot of your groups post were fine. Discussing their Sigs and Avatars. Takin 'bout their day and getting on the IRC and also that room "Frozen" you were in. Now "penguin" got in there and started to make a mess of it. Why this member started poking is beyond me. Maybe he felt his user name was being threatened. Who knows. But if you really look through it all there was some oddness. Now Marge, well Marge is Marge, but pushing buttons is not the way to go. penguin was the main concern.

This is my two cent and does not reflect on OSNN as a whole. If you wish to complain about this post direct the complaints to me. Thank you. :)
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Hmmmm, it may be time to close up shop here. There's no more eggs in the fridge and we are all out of bread and we got nothin but spam in the cupboard. No burger buns no muffins not even crackers, just spam. And I am not havin a spam milkshake.

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