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question on rights for a guest user


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my situation:

i am testing some software on the x64 XP on my home PC that is from work. but i want some people from work to be able to connec to to my home pc.

i want to give them certain rights and allow them to only see the Local disk drives. not my other HDD from with other partitions. is there a way to do this?

using remote desktop to do this.


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I know you need thier IP address... and you have to specify the port for them to enter. security settings... users... I'm new too though so, I have an A8V-Deluxe and I learning as I'm goin'.


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you could write an IP-Sec policy, but my question is, couldn't you just run a SFTP server? If you want to control where they access to files that would be easier, unless they need graphical access....


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they need a graphical viewing. i just want them to view my software i installed on it but very very high security. meaning they cant open other apps or open any other partitions.


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I would guess the easiest way to do this, regardless of their IP, is create a new Security Group, say called WorkUsers or whatever you prefer.

On the NTFS/Share Permissions of the drives/folders you don't want them to have access to, add their group and put a deny on that area of the hard disk.

This way, they can connect it and only get where you want.
If you have Xp Pro I would create a new user with a limited account, like "Office" with a good password which will limit them from Control Panel. Then in Local Security Policy in Administrative Tools I would go through and find something to limit drive access over the network. Remote Desktop allows you to log in as a user name and when logged in you have the permissions set up for that user. The start button and All Programs menu comes on on the remote computer just like you were accessing the computer at home.

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