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Question on proccessor and mobo need opinion bad!!



Ok im running a XP 1900 and planning to buy either

XP2400 or
Intel 2.8 ghz

Now i got a few questions

Is intel 2.8 a lot better then a 2.4?

Cause i notice it got a 512 fsb and well its 2.8ghz vs 2.4 amd

Also does Intel Rambus run fast then DDR is its RAMBUS 800 vs DDR 400?

And finnally if i do with intel 2.8 what is the best mobo for it ?


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well you have a few problems there.... first of all the RATING of the amd is 2400+ and it performs as well as or better than a pentium 2.4ghz processor..

when you compare the 2.8ghz p4 with a 2800+ then you are on even footing..

2800+ has 333fsb btw and performs as good as or better than the 2.8ghz p4... it should also cost less when it pops out on the gray market..

rambus 800 v/s ddr 400 I would go with the ddr 400 but right now for pentium's ddr is not as optimized as rambus...

for amd systems you don't get rambus...

obviously if you are looking to build that system money is not an object for you... I would instead go with the rambus 1066 which is faster... :)

fastest machine today with AVAILABLE parts 2.8ghz with any good board so long as it is RDRAM capable...


why dont you wait a while and get the 3ghz p4 with hyperthreading im sure it will be better than an amd plus is supports rambus which i think you should go for..all the best with your buying


hyperthreading makes your processor behave live asif there were 2 of them ...atleast thats what i undestood from an article and the processor debuts on 14 november...for more on hypertherading visit intel.com or search the xp-erience forums.

currently only windows xp,2000,media player 9(corona)and adobe photoshop 7 support hyperthreading ..but all new versions will support it soon


Wow nov 14... bah so so far away.... trying to be patient.

Is that a paper release or guaranted release date?

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Here's my post I deleted (fits right between dayle's last two posts):
The Pentium 4 1.8GHZ is gonna beat the AMD 1400+ most of the time.
As for the P4 1.8 vs the Athlon 1800+, the results tend to vary with the Pentium winning some and the Athlon winning others.
See for yourself here:

However, considering that the newer Athlons won't be out till January, the fastests processor to go with for right now is the Pentium IV.

Considering that, the decision becomes what chipset/ram is the fastest.

Curently the the fastest choices for the P4 is either Rambus PC1066 or the 845PE chipset using special DDR333. Rambus 800 is simply not fast enough.
If you have the 845PE chipset and the right DDR333 ram, you can get pretty close to Rambus in many benchmarks (sometimes even beating Rambus by a little). However, one of the quirks with going the DDR route is the exhaustive number of choices. If you pick the wrong DDR ram it's gonna be slower.

I'll just mention that one of the benchmark sites used a special higher performing RAM from Corsair:

One last thing, you may also want to wait till November 14th to see how the Pentium IV 3.0 GHz processors with hyperthreading turns out. As other people here mentioned, you might want to get one of those instead. Then again, maybe not since it will be priced at around $637. (Info from Tom's Hardware).

Kevin Ar18

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Posted by dayle
**** 657$ is too much that would work out so Rs30576 in my country's currency...
I suppose you are gonna go with the 2.8Ghz then?

BTW, are you building a new system, or just upgrading on? What video card will the system have?

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