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question for all


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I have a domain, but i don't want to post it here. Its hosted off my capped cable line and if all our users click on it my internet gets really really slow. Maybe ill post it when i get it back on a T1 in 2-3 weeks

damn u networking tech head -spikemic :D

erm.. have a few of my own domains... accompanied with hosts (run my own host too on meh lan server)... run meh own e-mail service... again on my server (V. unreliable as soon as my server crashes... so i dont use it much :D).. FTP... IRC... web radio (winamp), erm... (/me tries to think of more stuff - m00) - erm... m00-ing machine ? :D

really wanna learn how to set up a dns server though... that would be super 1337 :D - mdsalih@xp-erience.org if yah wanna teach me :)



Well I gess I should say what i have! I run my own buissness online! I Just bought more servers 6 more! So I can start a sight not a net work! Befor I just had a buissnes netwok, it's kinda like kazaa but payfor and not music and stufff, its buissness stuff i'm not going into details there! Now i'm buying more domains and makinga website network! The main site is www.net-xperience.org1 I'm going to have some mini sites on the stuff i like and some of my younger friends are having there own sites! Then i'm buying another domain, i'll be useing two servers for web hosting like tripod! but it will have php, perl, my sql, It will be LIMETED number of ppl! After I get everything up i'm buying more domains one for each minisite making them there own. If everything gos to plane i'll qudrupel my profit! I just hope evedrything gos to plan or i'm screwed. But anyways I just have a big site. LOL


after the two rude comments! i'll just say i've owned the name n-xp network under copyrigth fo 5 years and had my domain for 3! I was there first! I just have not put up a site till a while ago. Sorry to burst you bubbel I WAS HERE FIRST! Plus wew are on diffrent topics to start with!!!

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