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Question bout 9600 pro and 9500 pro



Are these cards specific for agp pro slots?

Also, which one would u choose?

Thks for responses
both support agp 4x/8x and i would choose the 9500 pro becasue its the best for its price. try newegg.com if they still have some left.
They both work in the standard AGP slot.

As for which is best I went with the 9500 PRO because it has twice the pixel pipelines, but SAZAR seemed to be waivering in favor of the 9600 PRO recently because it has the higher speed clocks and is very over clockable. Throw in the $30-40 savings and the 9600 PRO isn't too shabby either. I think the 9600 PRO supports a newer version of pixel shader also.

Umm, flip a coin.

I don't think you can go wrong either way.


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9500pro is faster in most operations (except single texture fillrate I believe since the 9600pro has a higher clockspeed)

in general both are good... 9600pro appearing on shelves for around 150-160 USD is a good buy... OEM of course...

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