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Question about voice recognition software


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Anyone used the new version of Dragon? Is voice recog. Software. I was gonna buy a copy but then my buddy said that he used it six or so versions ago and it wasn’t worth it because it took forever to train it to your voice. He said he had to train it as four different guys “Sober Stu” “Drunk Stu” “Stoned Stu” and “Drunk and Stoned Stu” because it wouldn’t recognize his voice across those categories and because he’s a writer and likes to write when he’s messed up. Anyway, I’m not looking for something that complex, just for ingame (Battlefield and my favorite, Counterstrike!) purposes and was wondering if they’ve really improved it as much as it says they have here: http://www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking/?

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I've used the microsoft voice recognition and also had to train the computer

I loved the process, what you are reading is very educational.

I don't know what dragon has over microsoft, the ms voice recognition was pretty good


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Regardless of the package you use, for full recognition, dependant on your voice, there will be a lot of training.

Dragon was one of the first to the market, and is therefore regarded as one of the better packages, however now that Microsoft provide their own recognition (with office?) it is worthwhile giving that a try before purchasing extra software. I've had very positive experiences with Microsofts software :)
however now that Microsoft provide their own recognition (with office?) it is worthwhile giving that a try before purchasing extra software. I've had very positive experiences with Microsofts software :)
Vista also includes a new, beautifully designed voice recognition system now. Besides supporting basic dictation and commands, it allows you to go almost completely hands-free by dividing the screen into numbered sections that you can use for navigation etc. I've watched screencasts of it in action, and it looks very slick. Haven't had the time to try it myself, but now that I have some downtime during the holidays, I think I'm going to check it out. :)


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Don't talk to me about Dragon, no offense to the software personally, but there is a user at work who is forever having problems with it (version 7) and I have a case open with about 30 notes saying stuff like "tried ajusting microphone, sound pickup bad" and "tried rebuilding new computer to see if sound pickup is better" to "User having trouble with sound input" . Its been a nightmare from day one to be honest :D

Its enough to drive a sober person to drink, and a drunk to being sober :D

Although apparently the latest version is supposed to be better, that is yet to be seen.
Voice recognition software is highly susceptibel to background noise. In a noisy office or if your video game is played with speakers instead of headset forget it. The last thing you want is for the software to get confused when you yell duck because the orbital artillary has just started landing.

I hate those damned voice recognition menus on phone support. They can't get a thing I say right when calling from work because of the background noise.


I'm sorry Hal...
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i used the vista one recently. worked very well, with no training. a few errors when doing dictation and speaking too quickly


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Well I was looking and do you mean you want it to recognize commands so that when you say something while in... say... Battlefield that it will tell it to do the communication thing?
Vista's voice recognition is a gem. Didn't even know about it until someone mentioned they paid 150 bucks for dragon preferred. If you can learn a few basic commands like go to, cut, start, delete etc... you can pretty much surf the web, explore your programs and write emails without having to use your mouse or keyboard. I love it!

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