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question about video cards


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when looking at purchasing video cards, what should i be looking for. i see some cards that have a low core speed and a high memory speed?

im not sure if thats a "good" card or not but i see others that have the opposite and some about equal...

any input?



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$200 for that?

I think its better go for something like the 7800gs or the x800 series cards.


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well if you look closer at the specs of the card i mentioned its the OC version. has just as good as stats as the 6800 version.
The 6600 GT is an 8 texture pipeline card, same as the 9800 pro. You will not see any significant improvement, especially at higher resolutions and high texture detail. The 6600 GT performance falls off rapidly as you increase screen resolution due to the limited number of texture pipelines. Currrent cards run 16 to 24 texture pipelines.

All over clocking does is reduce the life of the GPU by pushing it harder. The last factory overclocked card I bought died in 11 months. The percentage speed increase is negligible. You go from 500 mhz to 525 mhz with the OC card. That's a whopping 5% improvement.

Save your money until you can get a 6800 GT or higher.

I had a 9800 PRO then upgraded to the X800XL and a gaming buddy had the 9800 PRO and went to the 6600 GT. We both wish we had saved our money and waited for the 6800GT or 7800GT.


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The 6800 gt should not have been an improvement in performacne for you lee.

I went from a 6800ultra OC to my current card and in generally everything I use the product for, it is faster than my last card, cept in d3 which I never play anyways.

Functionality is better too but everyone has their own personal needs and requirements.

The 7800gt would be a decent option for an upgrade I guess but no tv tuner. I know you have had issues but not all the issues are resident to the AIW card. The worst drivers on the market are made by creative. I had so many issues I have been running a creative free setup for almost a year and a half now.

Doing research first and foremost is helpful.

Idle, in the $200-ish price-range, score a 7800gs if you can. By the middle of this year I will be moving probably to pci-e completely, depending on the quality and availability of the refresh AIW card from ATi, will see how compliant it is with HDCP standards :cool: and also what kind of budget I have remaining for the 2707 Ultrasharp from Dell at the time lol.

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