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Question about unpacking a .rar file ?? anyone know specifics on this??


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This is a general question that I hope one of you knows tha answer to.

When I unpack a specific .rar file with WinRAR I get a file with several unpacked items and MORE .rar files number 1-9

I get the following;


pgm.r03 etc through pgm.r09

now what is up with the .rar 01-09 ???
They are all compressed and they all contain .bin and .cue files
so if I try to uncompress files 01-09 they want to overwrite the previously extracted files.

I know that the .cue and .bin files are used to burn a CD (drag the .cue file into a burning pgm like nero and the .bin file is then burned, but what is up with the rest of the files??? do I just ignore them??

pgm.r01-pgm.r08 are all the same size, and pgm.r09 is substantially smaller.

I have browsed alot of boards and alot of people are confused about the pgm.r01-pgm.r09, but the only answer I have ever seen is to double click on the .rar file and burn the .cue file.
Nobody addresses the 01-09 file question.

Thanks for any feedback.:D
If you don't have a prm.rar file to go with the pgm.r01 to pgm.r09, thats the same size as the 1 to 8 files, then you won't be able to uncompress them.

WinRar allows you to archive files to a given size, the last one in the series gets the remainder of what's left. Without have a copy of the .rar file in question, it's difficult to understand what you have going on.

I've seen some pretty strang archiving techniques. Zip files rarred and then zipped again, and then put in one huge archive file - wierd chit like that.

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