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Question about SCSI and EIDE all in 1 comp



heres the text of what my friend asked me i have no clue so i thought i would ask you knowledgeable people :)

<Johaan> Just so you get an idea of what I'm talking about here
<Johaan> I'm going to quickly describe the specs I'm setting up here.
<Johaan> P4 3.00Ghz 800 FSB
<Johaan> 4096 PC3200 Ram
<Johaan> 73GB 15k SCSI HDD
<Johaan> 250GB EIDE HDD
<Johaan> 52x32x52 CDRW
<Johaan> Sony DVD-R+R-RW+RW
<Johaan> Audigy 2 Plat. eX
<Johaan> The Vid card is still pending but I'm thinking I'll go with the FX5900
<Johaan> Now that basically describes what I'm trying to build here.
<Johaan> Now my question is
<Johaan> I'm installing everything on an 8KNXP Ultra Board
<Johaan> It has an integrated SCSI
<Johaan> And I intend to run XP from the SCSI drive.
<Johaan> And plan to use the 250GB EIDE drive for storage.
<Johaan> Now, I was installing the CDRW and it says that the jumper settings vary according to the EIDE connection.
<Johaan> I have 2 EIDE connectors in my board.
<Johaan> According to a friend
<Johaan> I should connect the 250 EIDE drive as a primary in 1 port
<Johaan> and the CDRW as a primary in port 2
<Johaan> and the DVDRW as a slave in port 2
<Johaan> thus leaving the EIDE drive alone.
<Johaan> Now what I don't understand is
<Johaan> how do I make my SCSI HDD my primary drive.
<Johaan> As I understand it, primaries and slaves correspond to EIDE connections.
<Johaan> SCSI is a whole different story
<Johaan> unless I'm mistaking
<Johaan> In which case my SCSI drive would have to be connected as a primary
<Johaan> my EIDE drive as a secondary
<Johaan> etc.


hardware monkey
wow, what a freakin' system! lots of money there.

but as far as i can tell, he just needs to go into his bios and set is 1st boot device to "SCSI". this would have the board boot from any scsi drives he has, as long as there's a bootable OS on them.

if he wants to first install xp (or whatever OS), he needs to set his 2nd boot device to "CDROM" to start the installation.

his ide connections should be configured just as the other guy described... hd master by itself.. and both burners on the secondary channel.


wouldnt it be better to have the 250gb as primary one, one of the burners on slave one, and the other on slave two? then you can do on the fly copying and stuff.

and yeh...set the boot option to scsi and ide first. on scsi, each device has an ID that can be set on the device. the hdd should have #0 as far as i remember. check on the drive and set the jumpers.


hardware monkey
Originally posted by adamg
wouldnt it be better to have the 250gb as primary one, one of the burners on slave one, and the other on slave two? then you can do on the fly copying and stuff.
that's a good point, but having an ata33 drive on the same channel as an ata133 would lower performance. at least this is the common belief. i have no proof of this. i've just always thought ibetter to have hd's share channels with hd's and same goes for optical drives.
The drives should be set according to the first post. And booting is a BIOS setting.

But that 4 gigs of ram is a waste of money. If he even gets it to work. Afaik most boards only take 3 gigs. Nice rig though. :)

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