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Question about Radeon 9800XT


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I saw a person at a LAN party recently and his graphics card was a Radeon 9800XT. It seems that he has 5 fans that in total try to cool the video card but the problem is, after a certain amount of minutes, he shut down his game (Battlefield 2142) and saw that his video card's temperature was 90 degrees C which just seems to be hurtful to me. Is a card ever supposed to get that damn hot? Or is it possible of major OC'ing?


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Volt-modding and oc'ing most likely if he has that many fans cooling his card.

Then again, these devices are designed to support temps of that much and above.

It's not like they are water and will turn to steam at 100c :cool:


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These products are designed to operate at those temperature internally. Keep in mind that GPU's, on average, do more work than cpu's.

Also, they don't have the luxury of a gigantic heat-sink to dissipate the heat and they have a much smaller surface area due to their inherently smaller size.

Additionally, the memory is clocked pretty fast and is on the SAME pcb as the gpu.

Add it up :cool:

Technically you should be fine, if the product is operating at normal levels. If volt-modded/oc'd to the eye-balls, there may well be a problem there.


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hmm ok. I just think and I wasn't alone but it was just a bit too high not to mention since the red zone apparently on the reader was 85 Celcius. Anyway, thanks for the info

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