Question about possible memory conflict.


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The video card memory can be anything you like. They have nothing to do with each other.

BTW that GE3-TI200 you have is probably DDR RAM and it's running with RDRAM (aka RAMBUS) on your MB. The full names are:


DDR SDRAM they just drop the sdram as short hand. The DDR just means its set up to pass data twice for every clock cycle.


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kool. thanx it's for my fiance's computer i got a great deal for the mobo cpu and burn in with shipping was 131.00
i had to modifty the case to fit the board i'll post pics of the process so far.


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ok here it is so far. it's an intel D845HV MOBO with an Intel 1.7ghz processor, 3 Dimm slots of up to 3 gigs om memory, 4 rear usb ports , and a plug on the board for front usb the case doesnt have a hole in the front for the usb yet..........


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sad news tp report. i put in my Gf3 ti 200 into the agp slot of the above mb to test it, got a bunch of beeps and some smoke. now the agp don't work. card does. is it safe to assume it's burned out and go with pci?


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Sounds like the agp slot is fried. If you have tried the card in another pc and it worked, and it doesn't in the "fried" one, pretty sure it is fried. Just make sure that the agp speeds match too.


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nope not at all. it's for my fiance. all she does is surf the web and play her pogo games. i was thinking about just getting a new mobo too. it's only 37.00.


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well i actually managed to fry the board. although through no fault of my own i called the company i bought the board and cpu from and they asked what card i used and i told them my GF3 ti 200 and they said ok to send the board back with the cpu and they will test and intel will replace board in a week, they will test new board and ship when done. not bad huh? i knew my card shouldn't have shorted the board.


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well after waiting and waiting i finally got the new board in. ****ers didn't even put the processor back in. had to do it all myself. well the computer is now up and running only after it took me almost an hour i had a bad ram chip, lol. but with that fixed she is happy as a clam about it. so now i just have to figure out how to clean up all the cables. i think i'll just buy rounded. other than that the case is next to be modded as with some additional fans. i'll post some pics as i progress along.

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