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Question about .png files

I just cleaned up a picture using Paint Shop Pro Beta 8 (see attached picture). I removed the edges and added an alpha channel instead so that it won't be a square picture. I saved it as a .png file, because it supports alpha channels. When I view it in the folder I saved it in, it shows up correctly (with an invisible border) and also in PSP it shows up correctly. I uploaded it to my webspace, but when I view it from there, instead of an alpha channel, it's like the image is on a light blue halo. I have no clue in how to solve this.

software used: Paint Shop Pro Beta 8 20030217.14;
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (for FTP);
ISP: Wanadoo The Netherlands.

This is how it was:

And this is the optimised one:
I dunno PNGs do some weird things, they can do alpha in some circumstances and not in others I often find, also some of the transparency things are kinda weird.


I may actually be insane.
If you've got Mozilla installed, i suggest that you look at the page with that.

IE Can't render png files to save its life, I'm using Mozilla now and the image has no BG at all, but i can see what you mean when i View it in IE
So it's an IE glitch then. Strange though that the file shows up correctly while browsing locally with Windows Explorer, strange because I thought that Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are built around the same codebase.

I wanted to switch to Mozilla anyway, I am trying it out with Linux atm.
Originally posted by Herkalees
Um, I'm looking at it right now using the latest IE... looks fine.
Even the optimised one? (no blue square halo around the image?) Can you please post the exact version number of IE you are using? (via Help -> About Internet Explorer)


I may actually be insane.
Take a look at the attachment to see how it looks here.
IE's on the right and you can see the background on the optimised version.

[edit] heh, guess we where thinking the same thing :)

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