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Question about organizing your belongings in your home


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Hey everybody,

I need to use Quicktime for my Photoshop tutorials... So I have installed that. The thing is though that now for MPEG's and stuff, Quicktime opens them up too, and that shouldn't be. I already checked the file types, it's already stating that WMP is supposed to open MPEG's, but it doesn't, instead other movies open in a browser with Quicktime.

Is there any way around this without uninstalling Quicktime?


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Have you tried 'Set Program and Access Default' which should be found on your start menu.. just set your Windows Media Player as the default Media Player.. that should help.. lemme know how you get on. Hope this helps

sincerly Alex :cool:


Check the settings in Quicktime. It will be under something called "MIME Settings" or something like that. All the associated file settings are in there.


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Don't know... but if you tell me (post it here) what it was I will name it that way again.

The threads may have gottin cross linked and your thread got the other's name. :confused: Not sure though.


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I think it had to do with Quicktime overwriting WMP extensions, I know the problem was that Quicktime would play movies when WMP should, I only use quicktime to view my tutorials... Hopefully though I fixed it last night when the fellas above mentioned the program defaults {although I looked there before and Media wasn't in there}... nor did I check MIME settings as I didn't know that was extensions, all looked fine the other day. =)

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