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Question about Java 1.4.2, Swing, and MSStyle files...


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I have a question pertaining to Java... I'm new to Swing, and javax, and all that, but i've been programming in java for about a year. I searched the web, but cant seem to find anyone who might have any insight to this problem.

I'm teaching myself swing, and decided that I would mess around with UIManage, to change the look of my application. Very Simple application, like i said, i'm only using it to learn swing... I can get the MetalLookAndFeel, and MotifLookAndFeel to work, but i can't seem to get the WindowsLookAndFeel to work correctly. You see, I'm using a "hacked" msstyles file. I created the theme using StyleBuilder, and windows accepts it fine, using the uxtheme patch found here on ntfs.org. When i tell my java application to use the WindowsLookAndFeel, it yells, and I get a dialog box that opens up and has the title "java.exe".

Which I find strance since windows uses this file perfectly. So since that seemed to be a problem, I temporarily changed my theme back to the windows Luna default theme. My program worked without a hickup.

My question is... Why won't it use my MSStyles file if windows will? and where might I go to ask this question to Java Guru's?

my source code is available if you'd like to see what I did

there might be a way to give the application a uxtheme.dll file which it is supposed to use for its own uses, but I dont really know how you would go about that as the most Java messing I have done is the stuff on my course which currently is all console based.


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Ok... well... i've switched over to the other LookAndFeels, like Metal and Motif, and both of those work.. But I'd really like to use the WindowsLookAndFeel. If youd like i can post a link to my Java file, and MSStyles file and anything else you might like to see... The only thing I can think of is that you can add a custom theme file and description for it's features, but i dont know how to do that, if anyone does, it would be appreciated.

I mean your windows skin. like your desktop skin. your visual stlye. its may be improperly coded and java may not like it. I say quickly change your vs and see if windowslookandfeel works then. if not, we'll get to the harder stuff.


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Ohhh.. yea... if i change to the windows default Skin (Luna - Blue), it works without a hitch... :-D

Some background on my skin, it's just a hacked Luna.msstyles, the only difference is that i changed the colors of the "bmp" files that make the skin.


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