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Question About Disk Space "Help"


Black Dog

Could anyone tell me why each day I turn on my system (XP Home ED) that my hard drive get's smaller in size. Example: I boot up my hard drive reads 21.05 GB then the next day it says 19.67. I'm not adding any new programs. It seems to be writing something to the hard drive causing it to lowering space on my HD. Could it be the paging file/swap file? My hard drive is formatted to the NTFS..... Thank you!

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
system restore points

for one the system restore points add up rather quickly and of course the all so famous temp files and other junk files .bak and .dmp and many others ....... try using a third party cleaner like clean center, hd valet, system mechanic there are so many others also to get rid of the junk files as for system restore points I keep only the latest one made I dont fiddle to much and when I do its not major most of the stuff I use I know inside out and dont run into too many problems ..... so when you do a disc cleanup with windows look at the other options tab and on the bottom is the clear system restore points ......... this should help ;)

Black Dog

Reply to Hard drive issue

Yes the Restore option was installed, and I do have a 3rd party file cleaner which I used. My machine is very clean at all times. I do think however it's the restore files. I wasn't sure if these files purge themselves or you have to delete them. If you would what is the best way to delete these files. I loaded the complete OS and all the add ons with a clean formatted hard drive. I had to load the system 3 times before things were working right, plus the activation problems that came along with it.

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