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12 Jan 2006
Hey everyone,
So I want to crossfire my 5770 card on my MSI 890GXM-G65 motherboard. Its of course a micro board and the 5770s like most cards these days take up double spots and are generally big. I was wondering if people have crossfired big cards like these on micro boards or how much space is between their cards when they are crossfired on a regular board. It's looking like the two cards will have like a mm of space between them when both on the board will this be an issue for cooling?
I have a 620w psu right now (im gonna toss that) and probably grab a 850W psu so I have some left over to add a 5th HDD as well. My Processor is liquid cooled so there shouldn't be that much extra heat in the case. As for other fans, I have an induct fan on the side panel which comes basically directly over the GPU, 2 fans pulling in on the front, 2 exhaust fans (push/pull) on the liquid cooling and a large exhaust fan on the top.
Any suggestions/concerns?
just plug them in side by side and make sure to have plenty of air flow.
just plug them in side by side and make sure to have plenty of air flow.
Side by side? You mean one on top of the other right :D
So you dont think the lack of distance between the two cards will be too small? here is a blurry picture of the 1 card in the spot the 2 spots below it will be where the card will go (I'm gonna have to ditch the wireless card that doesnt work, lol)
Also, do I have to get the same brand of card? I want to get the same card but I think I might be able to get one thats a little thinner and doesnt take up the whole damn double slot.


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If it was a problem you'd never have quad sli/crossfire machines :D
If it was a problem you'd never have quad sli/crossfire machines :D
Haha, I guess.
I was just worried that since it was a micro with the slots closer together it might present a cooling issue. Saw someone with the exact same setup however online and said the top card ran at 62C under load which isn't bad.
I have thus bought the card (since its on sale for 100 bucks right now) and a 950w PSU, also on sale. :)
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Hey peeps,
Well I got my card and my new PSU and installed them both. Not Crossfiring is not working. I have it set up with 2 monitors plugged into 1 card and am using 1 bridge.
When I go into CCC nothing is there and AMD Overdrive doesn't recognize the second card either.
When I first had the card in both CCC and AMD Overdrive recognized the card but no options were available and Overdrive didn't have any information on the card.
Any help?
I find it amazing that no instructions are sent with these cards...
My board is an MSI 890GXM-G65

This is my card by the way:

Do I use 1 bridge like I'm using or 2 bridges?

Also apparently when I try and install a new version of CCC I get a blue screen saying "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

Yea another thing. When I log into windows (or I guess turn the PC on) I get an error messare saying Smalltalk/v "Virtual machine stack overflow" What is this?!?!?
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Hey guys,
I think I got crossfire working. I guess the second card only turns on when its needed?
What I am now wondering is if there is a way to switch the primary card?

My top card which is primary is very close to the bottom card because I'm using a Micro board (its got like half a centimeter between it and the bottom card) so it runs hot i think, its idling about 45C and under load of homefront on full I think it hit a not-too-bad 75C I was wondering though if there was a way to make the bottom card run as the primary since its not got obstructed airflow. Here is a screenshot of the situation.



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worry about video card temps when they hit >150C :)

Otherwise play and be happy.
worry about video card temps when they hit >150C :)

Otherwise play and be happy.
Cool :D

EDIT: So i think I got the last 5770 from Sapphire that newegg had because after I bought it it said out of stock, now it says deactivated. lol
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Hey People!
So, not too long after I posted this I switched motherboards to the Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 with a full card width in between both cards. The temps fell but not really a worthwhile amount. Ergo, Lord's advice was spot on. I wouldn't worry about car temps on close together GPUs.

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