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Question about Cable Modems and buying one.



Ok my service provider in Hawaii is TIME WARNER.

We have cable service (road runner) and it comes with a free surfboard modem.

Latley I noticed the local stores selling cable modems etc and was curious......

Are they any advantages to owning your own cable modem?
Are all cable modems the same ?
Do you get better speeds or connections by buying a certain brand? Basiclly should if i buy a cable modem is it any better then sticking with the free one?
It really does not matter. Go with the free one. I have a free one, it's been up for like 6 months now, no problems with it.


Ok thanks for the info. I dont get why folks buy there own cable modems ....

I honestly tought maybe it would help the speed a tad or connection.

Thanks for the help.
Sure thing. I would get my own modem if the cable company didn't supply one, or if I wanted to do a mod on it.

Put heatsinks on the chips, a fan, and perhaps lighting :)
I would want a smaller/sleeker/or maybe larger modem then the one supplied, do to these things.

Just an idea :)


Go with the cable co. They will replace their own stuff if it goes bad, and you know technology, it may just go bad. Mine did twice in 3 years.
I was given the option of renting it from the cable company or buying it.
I decided to buy it (a Toshiba PCX1100U) since I'm never planning to go back to 56k again :p, and it turns out to be more cost-effective than paying a monthly fee.

But since you're getting it free, stick to it. I don't see any advantage in buying one.


hardware monkey
a lot of cable providers charge you a monthly modem rental like mine. in that case it can be a good idea to buy your own and save money in the long run.

but when you have your own modem, your provider will probably blame it on that if you ever call with service issues.

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