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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by kmanning, Mar 6, 2004.

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    I just put and ATI 9600XT 128MB card in my son's computer (his old video card gave up the ghost). Now, in device manager, there seem to be 2 entries for the video. The first says ATI 9600 series, the next says ATI 9600 series-Secondary.

    And, in Task Manager, it looks like the drivers are loading twice. ati2evxx.exe shows up twice - once under system and once under the logged-on user.

    The video seems to be working well in everything except 1 game - Black & White - that seems to have some issue with the cursor during start-up (seems to be some issue with hardware cursor or something). Everything else is running fine, and the whole computer has been up and running without any other problems for more than a day.

    Is all this normal for this card and these drivers, or what?


    Soyo KT333
    Athlon 2000+
    512 MB
    WD 60 GB on IDE 0
    WD 80 GB on Highpoint controller
    Pioneer 16x slot loading DVD on IDE 1
    ATI 9600XT, 128 MB
    Catalyst 4.2
    WinXP home
    onboard sound and LAN
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    as for the first part, its normal to have the two displays. one refers to the main display (either vga or dvi) and the other refers to the tv out using the s-video connection.

    for the task manager thing, its also normal. i thought it was a problem at first but its not, because one of them is loaded by the actual system and the other by your user.

    as for the black & white not sure, i dont have that game. im guessing you're running the latest catalyst drivers right? if you are and still have problems, try updating the game. if that fails, try tinkering with the settings for direct3d or opengl in the 3d part of the display settings. i tried that with silent hill 2 (also giving probs) and it got it fixed.

    hope it works!

  3. LocKStocK

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    This is completely normal,
    I have the 9800xt and it shows two devices.
    I think these cards use the PCI slot below the AGP at the same time.
    As for the black and white problem, is the game fully up to date?
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    For the black and white issue - I had curser problems in Empire Earth. Try uninstalling the driver and replacing it with the 4.1 or 3.10 (both good drivers).

    The 4.2 was quirky with OpenGL games and had grainy looking textures for me.

    Make sure to use the ATI uninstall tool to clean the 4.2 out first. And downlaod a copy of nasty file remover (NFR.exe). It will clean out any residue from the previous drivers if you were using an nvidia product (or any other for that matter).