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Question #1


The Analog Kid
Alrighty then, I have question no one seems to be able to answer. Currently I have a FIreball 60 gig partitioned into 3 parts, C: (10 gig), D: (10 gig), and E: (38 gig).

I have XP pro installed on C:. SOmeone told me that XP really does not like that drive that it is installed on to be partitioned. Is this true. Also now, the D drive runs chkdsk at startup. But the drive is normal. this just started. With every other version of Windows i've used, I've always kept the OS on a partition by its lonesome self. Is this not suggested for XP? I just always feel like 60 gig is too big not to be partitioned. Maybe I'm just living in the past.

Anyhelp would be exceptionally appreciatted

(btw, anyone feel free to IM if you wanna hear more of my XP problems or have some good ideas for me.)




xp should run fine on a partitioned drive. technically you have to partition every drive before you can format it... but having multiple partitions should not effect xp at all or performance
having XP on a paritioned drive is fine. Just make sure you have the swapfile on the SAME parition as the one where XP is or else the swapfile will be a bottleneck because of all the jumping the drive head has to do.


The Analog Kid
excuse my utter ignorance, but what is the swapfile?

all I have on the other two drives is
D: GDivx, WinDVD, SoundForge, Cakewalk and winamp
E: Mp3's and some Mpegs

Thanks for any help in advance
A swapfile is the windows paging file, goto your control panel, under system open advanced then performance settingsand under the virtual memory tab you can see where the swapfile is and how much you have it set to and all. hope that helps
Concerning the swapfile ('Pagefile.sys') common opinion has it agreed that a static size be determined, in other words when you are setting up your swapfile, make your initial and maximum sizes the same. This stops the file from being fragmented, which in turn helps ease all the disk activity.



the swap file (also called page file) is your virtual memory file XP uses if you are running out physical memory. This file is generated automatically by XP. As Xp uses this file a lot during normal operations you shoud have this file on the same partition as XP or - much better - on a different disk (if you have two disks installed). You can find more information in tech-focument Q308417 from Microsoft.


The Analog Kid
alright. I set it the same. 576 meg

I read somewhere on here that with enough ram you should disable the swapfile. I have 384 meg, what do you think?

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