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queries about upgrade


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i got my computer upgraded but i have a feeling i have been had or maybe he doesnt know what he is talking about

he took my 512mb of ram which was just basic **** or something NV RAM maybe.. and put 256DDR RAM he sed its double density and will work a whole lot better than 512 and be even much faster

but how can 256 be faster than 512

i also asked for athlon 2000+ XP with at least 2ghz i beieve it only has 1.7 and wen i asked he sed "yes thats wot it runs at" is this true

everytime i start my computer instead of getting the device page where it shows you your harddrives then loads 2 xp i get this big logo saying "SYNTAX" then it goes to the xp loading screen.. what the hell is it?

and on windows i keep getting that blue screen which i described in another post

he charged me 200pounds for this but that also includded 60gig, new MB, new geforce 4 and he kept my old parts

have i been ripped off


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the DDR will work a hell of a lot better than the standard stuff with a xp2000 chip, an xp200 runs at 1.67 ish ghz, so he is telling the truth there as well. ask him what the syntax error is if it only happend after the upgrade.

£200 is about right with a small labour charge.

worst luck him selling you 256, running xp it will struggle, 512 is advised minimum nowdays.

board £40, ram £20, 60gb £50 cpu £50 GF4 MX 440 £22

fair price, and low labour charge. you have not been ripped off, and it looks like the price they charged was for upgrade only, i would have charged the same kinda price, but also told you, if there was any software issues after i would charge extra to troubleshoot the problems.

now imho, backup and format the pc, reinstall a nice fresh copy of XP, XP cannot toletate changing chipsets without a repair operation, AND THIS JUST DONT REMOVE ALL THE OLD DRIVERS (soz for shouting) you will have none stop blue screens and problems after all the work they done, if you ring em back they will advise the same or offer to do it for another £30 ish.

ya got a good deal m8. just didnt pay enough to get the operating system sorted after a major operation like that :)


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many thanx i am happy now lol coz at first i wasnt.

at the start its not a syntax error... just a big grey-ish logo in dos saying SYNTAX like a brand or something :s
256 MB of DDR RAM is faster than 256 MB of SDRAM, but 256 MB is still smaller capacity than 512. It's like trading a gallon of low-octane fuel for a half-gallon of high-octane. With today's memory hungry applications, I would have kept the 512. An Athlon 2000+ XP does run at 1.7 GHz. I have a 2800+ XP that runs at 2.25 GHz.

Is the new GeForce 4 an MX card or a Ti card? It should tell you when the computer boots up.

Don't know what the "SYNTAX" thing might be (maybe your motherboard maker). For £200, you could have done a llittle better, but I don't think you got ripped off in that respect. Keeping your old parts, though? That's not right.


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whats the point in keeping memory that will bottleneck the CPU as its running at half the bandwidth :) should a sold him 512 though ;)

work out the parts list he had, £200 was good, i expect a cheap sh!t motherboard and a gf4 MX card at that price, or the guy will be outa pocket. remember this aint the USA so pound against the doller, he did dammed well.
Still, though, £200 is $360 at today's rates. For that price here, you can buy an Athlon XP 2800+, a 512 MB of DDR, and a GF4 Ti/Radeon 9600.


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don't forget the motherboard ;)

and like i keep saying, this aint the USA, we pay more than you guys do in the USA even after the exchange rate.

the UK cannot compete with the US buying power.


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how much would 512DDR RAM and 1 of the best geforce4-128mb cards cost me... i might buy them wen i get paid... and i should be able to get money off the current parts i have


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no poitt buying a GF TI now, you may as well go get a GF FX or ATI card, anyway go for direct X 9 based whatever way you go.

check out www.dabs.com good reliable site to buy from in the UK :)


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it's going to cost bout £20-£25 to upgrade the ram i guess, but i doubt if he will swop out the old card, like i say there a £20 part, probably best selling it a mate for a tenner :)


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well i cud just get another 256 ddr stick and add that in with my current 1... sell me grafix card to me mate for 30quid(hehe!) and put it towards the gf fx.

but i did want atleast 2gig processor how much wud that cost?


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the xp2000 ranks as a 2ghz against intel. leave it at that for now m8 :) when u want to go higher, buy a cpu of at least the xp2500 so your running a faster bus speed, this will need new motherboard and ram again. it will be another £200 upgrade in a year or so. i can guarentee, if u went and got a xp2400 to run on what you have there, you wouldnt notice any diffrence whatsoever.


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oh great thanx for the advice i'll stick with that processor

but i will go for the 256ddr ram as an extra stick to make 512

whats the best nvidia card on the market? 128mb

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