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16 Aug 2003
QoS tweak
QoS (Quality of Service) is a networking subsystem which is supposed to insure that the network runs properly. The problem with the system is that it eats up 20% of the total bandwidth of any networking service on the computer (including your internet connection). If you are running XP Professional, you can disable the bandwidth quota reserved for the system using the Group Policy Editor [gpedit.msc].

You can run the group policy editor from the Run command line. To find the setting, expand "Local Computer Policy" and go to "Administrative Templates" under "Computer Configuration." Then find the "Network" branch and select "QoS Packet Scheduler." In the right hand box, double click on the "Limit Reservable Bandwidth." From within the Settings tab, enable the setting and then go into the "Bandwidth Limit %" and set it to 0%. The reason for this is that if you disable this setting, the computer defaults to 20%. This is true even when you aren't using QoS.

Just read that on a forum was just wondering if anyone knows if it will increase download speed or if there is even any reason to bother doing it.


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16 Feb 2003
That tweak is so widely misunderstood. #1 no you are not losing 20% of your bandwith. It would in theory save 20% of your LAN bandwith for QoS aware programs when and if they try to access the network and it is running at full speed. It does this by throttling down the RWIN of the other network connections to limit their bandwith to allow some room for the QoS aware program. It does not affect the WAN at all. However since QoS is not implemented [at least in my knowledge] by anything, it is safe to remove the protocol from your Network connection properties and/or disable the service from running.

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