Quake3 Latest patch?


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10 Jan 2004
Hi I have been playing Elite Force 1 for quiet a while now but I want to get into Quake3. Whats the latest patch version?

It's all well and good having this broadband but google keeps returning a load of dead links when I search for patchs. And dont mention filefront or any of them dam queing download sites and I dont want to register just to download a patch.
Thanks. How do I run the Quake3 benchmark? I also here there is a Linux version, do I have to buy it or can I download?

bring down the console with the ` key and type:

set cg_drawfps 1

This will make it displays the current frames per second in the upper right hand corner. Then type:

timedemo 1
demo q3demo1

This will run the demo and give you an average fps when you open the console upon the demos completion

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