Quake III CaptureStrike

yeah i have :)
i thought it was really good, but never got chance to sort my config out - didnt realise I had to bind a button for bandaging my wounds lol.
oh... btw, I should really mention I made a new CTFs clan with some mates from my old one (Qg - http://www.quake-gods.tk :)) seeing as this was what the post was based on lol

might play Q3UT this weekend tbh - CTFS is gettin a bit boring atm - same cheats on every night :(


Yeah, the ogc & wallhack crap is getting a bit old. I guess for CTF you could stick to he PB enabled, popular servers. FSK405 usually has admins around to help out and it's quite busy. Beware though, if you are new, don't be surprised if you get owned, there's a lot of skill out there now, the skill people have in this mod has risen quite a lot over the past year. Games when I'm in a groove, and if I'm on my type of map(close quarters type) I'm unstoppable! :D
PB is awful - so many people have got OGC through the PB - and its upto the admins to stop the cheats... thing is, its strange how many of the admins' mates are actually cheating tbh.

Its more annoying when I hit a good rail shot and I get accused instantly - its gotten boring now

I used to play counterstrike a lot - UT looks kinda the same, but with the Q3 engine, which I've found is the best engine I've used on a game... really smooth (apart from ra3 lol)

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