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Quake III Arena: Lock Up on Exit

I play Quake III Arena: Excessive alot now that Counter-Strike just totally sux. When I play Excessive I play for atleast 1.5 hours or more everytime. It's just very addicting. Although when I exit Quake III and it tries to load the desktop I get like a black box in the upper left area of the screen that looks like Quake III unloading from memory or such. Usually I then start moving the mouse and click a couple times and I then hear a 'beep' and then I know Windows XP Professional has locked up.

I cannot get this to happen everytime; It happens when it wants to and I cannot recreate it on que if asked to. Although I know there is something wrong here.


damn, sounds like a graphics card Issue

Do you run your desktop resolution at the same resolution as you run Quake in ?


Quake III Arena, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament

I have the exact same problem. Only I thought it was related to my Processors. I thought that the desktop was getting switched between processors and the thread was getting locked.

I have a Visiontek 6964 Xstasy Ti500. Do you have the same card? If so, then maybe it has something to do with the video card after all. It happens to me on ALL games, and EVERY time. But it seems to be the desktop process in XP Pro. I can still send print jobs to my printer from my wifes PC. She can still use the Internet too. Let me know if you find anything. I'll post it here if I find something.
no my pc specs including my video grafx of choice is posted below so that I dont have to continuously post it; b/c that is the first thing everyone wants to know when you have a problem; and since I'm a tweaker; running into "problems" is my specialty.


Whoohooo! I localised the fault.


I got a clue now. I patched my video card drivers from Visiontek. The software did not include the OpenGL drivers. All my problems went away. I'll admit that it was severe, but in the name of troubleshooting, I formatted my disk array and started fresh.

First I installed Win2k. I wanted to rule out the newness of XP. Ok, the problem is still lurking around in my hardware. Kewl! XP is not the problem.

Next I ruled out Main Memory. I tried different modules with the same result in Win2k. I also called my younger brother in to give me a hand with the Hardware I/O's and addressing. All good.

Finally, I reinstalled XP Pro (BTW, how the hell do you change the OS type to the left?), and installed all my updates, one at a time. I wanted to make sure they were not causing any problems. Kewl, so far so good. I downloaded the visiontek drivers, unzipped them to a directory, and upgraded the drivers through the WinXP device manager applet.

I have installed all my games. Played them all (in software rendering mode at full screen), and I am now satisfied that the OpenGL subsystem in my GeForce3 drivers are causing my problems.

Now I need to alert someone, somehow. They (*cough* nVidia *cough*) need to know that this problem needs to be fixed right away.
Ok I did it again a couple days ago and again earlier today.

If this is infact a video card issue it has to be the drivers- so why doesn't those Phuk heads at Nvidia get to dayum! WORK!

I don't think there has been an official release of detonators for the Geforce line in more than a year!- if not that long it sure seems longer than that!

What the hell are they doing- twiddling there thumbs- are there heads stuck up their a$$e$?

I wonder if this is an XP problem- I never heard of a game locking up on exit- this is really pissing me off!


Funny thing is, I found my drivers on the cdrom that came with my video card. Apparently Tyan decided to support my card when they were deciding what hardware to play with. They approved my drivers (21.83) when M$ put thier seal of approval on the driverset provided by Visiontek. I hope I don't run into a compatbility problem later....

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