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Quake II - 1280 x 1024


I may actually be insane.
If he wants 1280x1024, then it's likely to be a 17" or larger "square" LCD, which run in the stupid ratio of 5:4, rather than 4:3 (which is what 1024x768, and most other resolutions are).

Having looked about, it appears though running Q2 in any other resolutions than those already in the game requires re-compiling the game from source, adding the resolutions you require.

Lancer, plenty of games allow for specifying of custom resolutions, to allow for future larger screens and ratios (such as widescreen). There used to be a great resource for Widescreen gaming, however it appears their domain is now just one giant advert... guess they died.


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not really a game can only run in the resolutions it was designed for.
I was hoping there'd be some sort of command line or 3rd party application that will allow it, but I've not found anything so far. I know it can be done sometimes though, as in fact Speedy B found me a link to a file that allowed the 1280 x 1024 resolution in Morrowind, which it doesn't support "out of the box". Sadly though, it doesn't appear that the same is true of Quake II.

I don't mind running it in 1280 x 720 or whatever it is, but as my monitor wasn't designed for that resolution it's nowhere near as sharp as it could be.

Oh well, I'll just play Quake 4 for a bit longer :) Thanks for the help anyway!


I may actually be insane.
Try the attached file, it should give you some new options in your video menu (also you may need to install the final Q2 patch from ID, if it doesn't work). :)



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speedy you opened my eyes, although admittedly i have never needed any other resolution than the one the gaes provided.


I may actually be insane.
Being an early adopter of widescreen, and fan of earlier games, I had to find solutions for custom resolutions, most just let you edit a simple config or ini file, and all is well, some (as seen here) take a little more jiggery :D


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I have been using q2_widescreen with XP and it works excellent:). However, under VISTA I no longer have crosshairs. If I select angle then I have a very, very small red dot. The original Q2 exe works under VISTA correctly showing the crosshair but then the video is not that great:cry:. Any ideas?

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