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quake 4?


i know their are screenshots, but was wondering if anything else was known about this? it is going to be like ut2k4/quake3 and be just deathmatch kinda stuff or will it be like quake1/2.
I kind of want to do the old way with different lvl's to complete.

also is doom3 going to be like quake1 or 3 also?

Electronic Punk

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Doom3 is a remake of the original Doom, so has singleplayer and I think it will also likely have multiplayer.

Very little is known about Quake4, other than it will not be made by iD, but will use the Doom3 engine.
Electronic Punk said:
Doom3 is a remake of the original Doom
Oh? Cool, I didn't know that. I've just been playing Doom again, on my iPaq. And of course the optimised 3d version with enhanced graphics, 32 bit textures etc.


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I've played Doom3, the whole Union Aerospace Corporation thing appears to be the relation to the first, wouldn't realy call it a re-make though.
It has single player (obviously :D) and the multi-player has been featured at a few public conventions/lans/etc, it's going to be amazing :) ... oh, and it runs on a GeForce2 ;)

As for Quake4, there are no screenshots, if you've seen them, they're fake, ID and Raven Sofrware are currently working on it, but there's absolutely no information been released or leaked.


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****, if they did a remake of quake 2 with there new stuff, that would be flipping cool! I loved that old game!!!!

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