Quake 3 Problems in XP



hey everyone! im having lots of trouble with quake 3 on my computer.

i have windows xp, Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (Geforce 256 Pro), 800mhz athlon, 256 mb ram, 60gig hard drive.

i just recently installed xp and the first game i tried out was Q3. i got the most recent patch (1.31) and at first it worked with some pretty bad problems. i could only play one and one games or else when the level loaded it sent me back to the menu. but in any fight i could get to work there were weird graphic glitches that would block my vision every once in a while. also, the program would crash and id be sent back to windows every once in a while too. then i updated my video drivers at the creative labs site, still same problems. then i went here and got the most recent official release of detonator drivers (23.11) and now the problems are even worse. everytime i click on an item in the main menu upon opening it just pauses, then stops and im still at the main menu. the only menu that works is "exit".

how can i get it to work? i really miss this game! any help is appreciated!

-- plasmicSoup --
did you have any antivirus progs running inthe background when
you did your install ? if so shut them down and try to reinstall
Q3. If not try a reinstall anyway and see what happens. if that
doesn't work try contacting Q3 customer support w/ your prob.
sorry i can't be of more help! good luck!

yea... :/ i tried all that, trying different drivers upon each reinstallation too. i guess ill just have to contact tech support... unless anyone else knows what to do...
thats crazy i never had any problems with xp and Q3 runs great better than 98 :D have u defrag your drive ? tested your ram ?
Check your OpenGL settings .

Specifically, enable alternate color depth and use desktop color depth should be enabled.

Try diabling Fastwrites and sidebanding, these are AGP specific options, Creative have a util called "AGP Wizard", it should be on there download site, and lets you turn Fastwrites & Sidebanding.

If either of those are enabled, and your motherboard or card does not support them, then the computer is asking your card to do an impossible task..hence why it locks up.

Just afew ideas to try m8 :)

Stuy B
well i gathered a list of big to little problems that i get with quake 3 (btw i tried to disable fast write, it was already disabled)

Error messages in console:

- BotLibShutdown: Bot library used before being setup
- Unknown command: 'addbot'


- On some levels that i try to load, it says "Awaiting connection... 0" for a little bit then stops, with the "unknown command" error in console. A while up from that is the first error.

- The beginning "id" logo intro movie thing, cuts off before its finished and goes to the menu. 'Tis weird.

Anyway, thats about. I have no idea what it might be :/. All of your help has been greatly appreciated.
grr... more problems... i tried unreal tournament with latest patch, that gives me an error everytime i start a game. i also tried tribes 2 and that gives me an error right when i try to open it. im thinking about formatting and reinstalling everything.
I have also a problem ... :( I try 2 play quake but after a few miniutes the game stops and returns to window with a desktop full of 16 colors ...

Somebody has a solution?
do you have force 16bit z-buffer on or sumthg... cause that could be a cause...

and what do you use to "tweak" ur card if any...

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