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Quake 3 help

Hi everyone, well my prob is that when I play over the net, I have GOOD ping. No errors. I play with my friend on the same server, no trouble.

But, when I host a game with a friend over the net. ( I create the game ) It's impossible for him to play, he pings like 400- 900 and really can't play. get's connection errors all sorts.

Now, It's the same for me when He's the host. I start getting the lag!..

I'am running a fast machine with a DSL line. And so is he! what'S the prob. were both running the latest Q3 patch.

We both have our Firewalls off.

thx for any help..

What is your average upload over your dsl? the fact that your both getting it means it's most likely a problem with your upload fluctuating and such and causing pl and lag since you are hosting, so whats your connect speed and system specs?
Ok, well I called my internet provider and they said my d/l speed is about 1m/sec and my upload is 40K /sec..
So I think my prob is my upload right??



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