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Q269218 Where can I get MS Fix Free for Sony DV Camcorder issue



I have done a lot of research to find out why my sony
camcorder TRV-16E ( very new model)will not work
correctly on my PIII XP home edition running Videowave 5.
I have a Belkin 3 port Fire wire,Nvidea GeForce MX400, Sony pixela image
maker, - MGI Video Wave 5, & MS Movie Maker. MGI will not
record through DV input at all,Image maker will work once
but the camera disconnects itself after one capture and I
have to re boot. ( ihave given the hardware to a friend
to try out his DV camera ( higher spec sony) and it all
worked.On the MS Knowledge base ( Q269218 ) seems to fit
my problem. Does any one else have the same issue ? and
can some one advise me how I get this fix from MS as I
have been going around the MS site in circles trying to
get the fix, but as it wants a MS product for me to
select to get the help ( and xp wont select ) I am
frankly at a bit of a loss!
Thanks Dave in the UK


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MicroSquish says:

This behavior is caused by a problem in the 1394 (or FireWire) driver. When an error condition occurs, the driver automatically performs a bus reset, rather than checking to see if the error merits a reset of the bus.

Have you tried looking for new or updated Drivers to your Belkin 3 Port FireWire???

Or maybe reinstall the FireWire Card and the Belkin DV cam Driver and MGI VideoWave Software.


Thanks for the reply.

I have removed all PCI cards from the machine and replaced them one at a time. removed and re installed Video software one at a time andnone of this has overcome the problem. The firewire and drivers works fine on another C as does the Ieee cable. The MS Patch specifically rfers to a SONY issue with camcorders so it sounds like it is a known problem, but very little anywhere on the net about it.

Thanks for your time...

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