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2 Jun 2002
I currently have an asus mx440se running omega 45.23a drivers that I have clocked it to 300/500 core/mem (it can go higher). Are there any drivers that will help this card a little more. Or do I just crank it, and put up until I get my 9600??

Along with that, Are Omega cats "better" than the official cats?? I have read ATI's press release re: omega's, and it seems that ATI go so close to recommending them. Should I dl the omega 3.10's and use them? Or are there better omega cats??

If it helps: I play bf1942/rtr, Doom 2 Legacy (WOOT@crap graphics), Diablo/2, Jedi Knight 2, Total annihilation and Descent 3 and fallout 2 demo's.

Hmm, looks like 2.5.4 is the highest from Omegacorner.com. That makes the decision easy. ATI drivers it is.

Some people think omegas are better, some people think cats are better... I think you would be better off trying the cats, then completely uninstalling them and then trying the omegas and see which is best for you. What works well for one of us may not work well for others and vice versa (unfortunately!)

For example, cats 3.10 cause UT to load dark on my gf's system... yet I've found nothing on google to show anyone else is having same issues. 3.9 solve this issue, so its hit and miss im afraid.

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