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Put WHAT in command line?


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Well, I finally got back here. After being directed to the widescreen gaming forum, before I could do anything my motherboard died:cry:
OK, for Age of Empires 2, it says command line for fix. Remember I don't know anything about this- what am I supposed to put in the command line, how do I put it there, and how do I even get to the command line? oh geez, what IS a command line? I only remember using a command line back when I used DOS, many moons ago.
Hmm it seems strange for that forum to put Cmdline without putting what to put in it, that is a toughy. Maybe try a few google searches, I will too and edit this post if I find any


There is no answer!
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sorry but what are you even asking saltee,,, sin understands, but i don't i may be dumb.. so sorry?

are you asking that when AOE2 tries to open it says to do something in the command line?
This is from an earlier thread about getting age of empires 2 into widescreen @ 1400x900 on a 19" gateway widescreen monitor. The game doesn't support native widescreen and the widescreen gaming forum http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Says that you can make it widescreen by putting something in the cmdline (comand line) but it doesn't say what to put in, which is very unusual. This means the search is on for a soultion to getting AOE2 into widescreen!!!

PS: You aren't dumb lancer :lick:

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