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Put on yer thinking caps and help a brutha out...



Here is what I want to be able to do.... any ideas on the best way to do it???

I have 2 connections (1 dsl, 1 cable) and I want anyone on my network (5 computers) to be able to choose which connection to use.

For Example: 2 people are gaming and 1 person wants to download stuff, so he uses the cable connect instead of the dsl connect. Once he is done downloading he wants to game, so he switches to the dsl connect... all while still having access to the internal network.

Currently I have the DSL connection on a Linksys 4 port dsl router which in turn goes to a 5 port hub which in turn goes to the entire house. The Linksys is also currecntly my DHCP server.

The cable connect is currently connected to my HTPC via a 2nd nic, but IS NOT shared to the rest of the network... In fact, I have to disconnect from the internal network in order to use the Cable connect.

Here are the tools I have at my disposal as far as hardware\software: 1 extra pc (P2 450 512 megs ram, 6 Gig HD), plenty of extra nic's, an extra 8 port hub, Win 2k pro\server\advanced server, Win XP Pro)

I would like to spend little to no money with this, and do not care about making the 2 connections work together as long as I can choose between one or the other at all times (I figure once i find a proper solution I can make a desktop icon that will make all necessary changes for me, maybe 1 labeled dsl and 1 labeled cable)

Anyways, I am technically savvy; so feel free to throw any ideas you might have out there... it is appreciated :)


hmmm, well, i guess you could approach this in 2 possible other ways... create a desktop login, and have it configured to have the cable connection on one domain/network group, and the dsl on another, this way instead of coming to the default logon screen you will first have to login to a network, then login using your name, with a second NIC in each computer if you have a router/switch seperate for both the dsl and cable, and have a hub/switch connecting both of the routers of both networks. This is kinda like implementing a FDDI or dual ring topology. If the one is down, the other will be available to switch over to.

Zedric's is probably the more likely of solutions. This is just another one when configuring up a large network for a business, ect.

[EDIT] after looking over a few reviews of this product, this one is kickass! A little pricey still, but nevertheless it looks great. Alot of administrative options provided for this SOHO router. For anyone else interested, i found this review to be pretty thorough, and many screenies to have a closer look at the product.

Take a look here

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