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Push bikes can be dangerous!!



I came off my bike last night after the chain snaped, I flew off injuring my jaw ankle, both hands and had to have 4 stitches it my chin. :(

This all took 4-5 hours in my local hospital in Reading England

Please be carefull on your bike :)

Now I can't play anything online with out being raped.

I could try chess I suppose :D

Any 1 else had an accident on a push bike?


Oooh, you poor thing. I did something like that too. Pulled the brakes, going really slowly I might add, and got shot over the handle bars. Went arse over t**s and landed on the ground. Then the bike landed on me. Nothing serious just a few scrapes and bruises. Went home to clean them up with disinfectant, unfortunately, my brother had filled an empty milton bottle with dilute sulphuric acid, and forgot to remove the label! I cleaned myself up with that and boy did it sting! He thought it was hilarious. Have to say, how glad am I it was diluted and not the full strength stuff!


Had to think for a second - push bike - okay that's a bicycle over here ;)

Yes, bikes can be nasty creatures - even if you are not trying to do anything daring and crazy - I always get a hassle from my granddaughter over wearing a helmet - although in the cases mentioned above a helmet may not have been much help.

For some reason the human anatomy does not hold up real well against concrete or blacktop (tarmac).

Oh BTW - if you are a girl - stay off the boys bikes - it is my understanding that that bar can do some internal damage - at least that is what a girl I went to high school with told everyone!:eek: :eek:
Had an accident before.

Was going down hill very fast, nice empty hill. Then some bozo decides to back a car out a place in front of a house. Not even a driveway. Fast. Then the sun gets in my eyes. I'm not one that votes for getting hit by cars, so I pull break ( back, fairly hard ) hear weird poping noise. Break gone. Oh ****te.

Sun still in my eyes, bike still going, heading for car, which I suppose wasn't moving anymore ( had stopped in the middle of the block ). So I hit front brake. That locks up the whole wheel, and sends me, along with the bike, flying.

I FLEW over the end side of the car, landed face first almost in a recycling bin, full of glass. Then the bike lands on me. Hard.
I roll a little ( its a hill )

I lay there for a little while, a minute or so. I try to get up, find it very painful to push up with my right arm. Look at arm. Find sizeable piece of glass sticking out of top part of arm muscle. It hurts. I pull glass out. That hurts even more. I forget about the arm, no longer hurts. Get up. look at car. Back wind shield cracked, where the bike landed on it, then on me, and the trunk badly scratched. I look around. No one there. The car is in the middle of the street though. Someone must have backed it out really fast, gotten out, and left to get something.

Either way, I get on my bike, and ride home, which is about 1 minute away fast. As I ride people look at me really weird, and halfway home I notice I'm shaking.

I walk in, my mother sees me, and promplty drops to the floor.
I look in the hall way mirror and well...

My arm is bleeding really bad at the top muscle.
My other arm is bleeding at the top.
My finger is bent in a weird way.
The fabric of the knee part of my pants is gone. I can see this weird white looking stuff on both knees. ( * bone ? )
Last but not least, I have a nice bloody smile.

So I go, help my mom up on couch ( she has tendencies to faint ), and proceed to go to the kitchen, take out this huge bottle ( 2 liter? ) of peroxide, and pour almost all over myself right there in the kitchen. ( Including in my mouth ) Grandmother comes home, and well, she is a little better with blood, and her and I bandaged me up. Took a while to heal all of it. This was prehaps three years ago. didnt even go to the hospital.

lol now my rght arm often twitches at the muscle and down, for no appearent reason. both my knees are loose and often hurt, and I have these cool looking scars on them. my finger still messed up and doesnt bend all the way.
so much for home remides eh?

Hope you feel better Stewart. Getting messed up with a bike really sucks.


nice stories, i one was biking on a street, for some reson my right food slided from pedal right into front wheel. i dont even know how or how was i was rolling on the ground in front of bike(some how laying perpendicular to the direction i was going) so at the next second i turn back and just catch something with my hands with out realizing it. that was the bike going at me and the pedal almost hit my eye, was too close to it. but i just had a few scrapes.

so after that i decided to try roller blading, once i was going really was on ocean pkwy(big street in brooklyn) and in one of places where other road croses it i wanted to make it b4 red lite and started skating even faster, and some ***** was turning right from main road strait at me(with a good speed) i did try to stop but there was some **** on the road and i fell. strange that legs went first, that car actually drove right on one of my rollerblades(dont remmber left or right) and now it's slitly broken but still skates good. i dint get any scrapes or broses :) didnt even rip my clothes that time :D


A Proud Australian
I always wondered why mens bikes have the top bar. It nearly always comes in contact with a certain part of a mans body when their foot slips of the pedals .. brings tears to the eyes just thinking off it :(

I have had the odd crash on the peddlie when I was a young fella but nothing serious though..always seemed to land on my head. :D

In Australia it is a law that anyone riding a push bike must wear a bicycle helmet while riding said contraption.


i have never been wearing any kind of protection for biking or rollerblading, although now i do carry couple band aids with me all the time, just in case. and two condoms.
Alright here is my story, I wasn't going to post it because I just thought well maybe he needed some cheering up. (not for the squeamish)

I was riding my motorcycle one day with a friend (he had his own) down this paved road. We were doing about 35 to 40 mph, and there was a series of cars parked on the side of the road just up ahead, my friend decided to go faster so he was a little ways ahead of me. Well by the time I get to the last car all of a sudden out of nowhere a dog runs out in from of the last car, well surprise I was there. The dog got caught in between the front tire and the frame, twisted the bars on me and I flew about 15 feet in the air, I landed on my left wrist and snapped it. At that point I tried to take off my helmet with my left hand (not knowing it was broken) using my thumb to go underneath the strap - well I broke that too. I ended up laying in the road in pain for about which seemed 5 minutes but probably wasn't. My friend came back and helped me up, I had skinned my knees up (white stuff - yes it is bone). Somehow while flying over the handlebars I sliced the inside of my right knee wide open (I now have about a 4 inch long by 1/2 an inch wide scar there). The owner comes out and gets me into his house and his wife starts cleaning me up. I was able to compose myself enough to ask if I can use his phone, so I call my brother he comes down and helps me out. We get outside to the motorcycle (which is still in the road) and low and behold get who is still stuck in my motorcycle - that's right the dog. Needless to say he's not going to be chasing anything anymore (poor dog). I felt worse knowing that I had killed the dog. So after all this I had to go to the hospital and after about 3 thousand dollars in doctor bills I was finally able to use my wrist again but I still have the scars, from what was once just a nice summer ride in the neighborhood.
Poor Funky! Poor dog! Poor funky! ( broken stuff, bills, dead dog ) Last but not least, poor motorcycle. That's one heck of a story. I would say that landing must have knocked the wind out of you, if not more.

I feel bad for you though,hope you're over it now...

I just recently witnessed two car/bike accidents, and one of
which was a guy on a bike going pretty fast. Then he decided to do a wheelie...dumbnuts. He flipped the bike. Rolled over a lot of times, the smacked into the curb...and then the bike slid into him. But that's different from what happened to you, it was not really your fault at all.
Talk about bike accidents. I work in a hospital and it is Biketoberfest here in Daytona and I am listening to the sirens already. Had a couple of hellicopter drop off's earlier. Good thing I don't have to see that mess....:eek:
I'm feel pretty tired right now...fingers feel numbish...it's 1 : 03 AM, and I'm finishing up on my essay, and now I have two graphics assignments to do...then study for test...and then do bio homework...ohhh :::yawns:::

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