Purge ATI drivers?


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9 Jan 2004
Hello all.

I have a friend that just purchased a Visiontek Extasy Radeon 9600. When it installs, it shows up, in device manager, twice: once as Visiontek Extasy and the other as 'Radeon 9600 series'. She's uninstalled them both, but they both install after reboot. Any idea why this happens?

Is there a program like detonator destroyer that can purge ATI drivers as well so just one will install correctly? Thanks.
There is no help for you. =]

As for help, I'm not. Just thought I'd say hey.
try looking in the Add/Remove Programs, there should be a Remove Radeon Drivers or something like that. What shes doing now is just removing them from the Device Manager, but the drivers are still there and Windows just uses the drivers which are already there for the Card. Remove the drivers with the Add/Remove Programs and then use the drivers from the manufacturer again
Driver Cleaner is the program to use to clean your system of all traces of vid drivers. It's a great app. I 2nd breezie's link suggestion.
ATI also now has a driver removal tool on there site right under the drivers i believe that maybe you could give a try ;)
Does the other one say "Secondary" after the device? My dual head ATI card always showed up as two devices, even when I installed it to a that had only previously had NVidia in it. As long as it affects performance in no wise, I wouldn't be concerned.
One thing to point out here is that what you say is happening with your Friends machine could be correct depending on what driver they use. You see with ATi cards there is a Primary and Seconday device - if you look at a screen shot of my Device manager you will see what i mean - here.

Additionally the newest drivers from ATi which support ALL cards contain a drivercleaner. I would recommend going to www.ati.com and getting the latest drivers from there.

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