Punkbuster and XP ??!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Wasp, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. Wasp

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    Ok guys !

    after i tried everything to get my problem solved (new via patch, nvidia drivers 23.11, BIOS flashed, etc.) i found out that my problem -->CS crashing to desktop is caused by Punkbuster <-- thats strange..well i have no experience with Win Xp so i hope you have a solution for me.

    Before i go on i just have to tell you ..no i have NO Firewall installed also the one included in XP is not activated, so it would be great if you could help me out of this...

    and yes i can play on non PB servers without crashing to desktop...and before you ask on -- HL and CS are new installed too..no cheats no models ..nothing just a clear install

    i also dont get a PB message (authing) before it kicks me to desktop...so i think its some kind of a firewall/network related problem and i dont know where to disable that feature..well HEEELPPP :p

    thx in advance :)

    my specs:
    Duron 750
    Epox KTA 2 Mainboard
    GF 2 MX Hercules Prophet
    256 MB Ram
    19" mon. at 100 hz :p
  2. patrickjp

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    try using this program or gamespy to connect and have them load it for you rather you use the exe on your desktop.. just a thought cause that's how I use it and I rarely had this prob..

    I found that after doing all the winxp updates it no longer crashes.

    good luck
  3. Electronic Punk

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    Sounds very strange, but then there are plenty of alternatives to Punkbuster arriving, would have asked if you had disabled the windowsxp firewall - which is enabled by default.
  4. Wasp

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    ok i just found out that it isn`t on all PB servers

    it seems that it has to do with an admin-mod,TSC script those serveradmins installed cause i only crash on some PB,Paladin servers not on all...

    stay tuned...maybe i find out more

    thx for your "help" :p
  5. Wasp

    Wasp Guest

    not Punkbuster...

    well it now seems that it is a open gl and Win XP probs..jeeez im getting tired of this..Direct3D just works fine only in open Gl mode it doesnt work


    help appreciated :)