Puke Green START button



A'ight, so I know how to remove the flag and change what the START button is called, but how do you change that nasty color???? I mean, who thought that puke green would look good...

Any ideas...

AND, what about adding icons to the quick launch? I can only get three int here and then it groups them... I think I actually saw that tip someplace, but I would have to find it again...

The START button is more important... Thanks for you time...

i dont know bout the start button, dl a THEME i guess
but to get quick launch icons, right click on the taskbar/toolbars/quicklaunch
then right click taskbar/lock the taskbar and uncheck that
then copy a shortcut there, change how much room the icons have, then right click taskbar/lock the taskbar to check it again
I posted this on the old forum, but cant be bothered to do it again.
Well, good call on the task bar - some shit is just to obvious, and you dont catch it rigth away... I was alll looking for Registry edit... lol...

I've tried themes, they dont change that F@*#ing button....
i think this is how i did it.......but i cant be sure....

first install this program called stylesXP from tgtsoft

then browse to the folder windows\resources\themes

copy the folder Luna and rename it so something like "MyTheme"
open this folder and rename luna.msstyles to (whatever you called your foler).msstyles for example "MyTheme.msstyles"

open this file with res hack

select action->replace bitmap from the menu bar

scroll down till you find colour_startbutton_bmp where colour is the name of colour scheme u are using (blue, homestead or metallic) .......you can change all three if you want

select it and press the open file with new bitmap button and pick the new bitmap that you want to replace it with

here is a zip file with some other colour start buttons here

maybe somebody can mirror this file

anyways.....save the file and exit the hex editor.......go to display properties and click the appearance tab. You should now have two instances of "Windows XP style" in the first drop down menu. One of them will be the modified one. Thats all
XPletive beat me to it.......that link is the one i used to do it , but i had lost the link and i wrote out all the instructions.......oh well
A'ight, you guys have been amazingly helpful so far... Thank you very much... But, the only issue I am having is being able to select my new theme. I can edit the luna file and all that.

I ahve tried saving it under a different name, and editing the Luna file directly... To no avail, when I go into Display Properties, I still get the same choices....

Where I am supposed to drop this newly edited file? In the win/resources/themes dir or anywhere... Or is there a way to browse for it, in display prop.

I tried switching to classic style desktop - copying in Luna and swithcing back as well....
you are not supposed to edit luna directly

once you edit your new style it should appear in first drop down menu of the appearance tab of display properties. It will not be named what you called it ie. MyTheme, but it will be called Windows XP style. There will be two of these....try each one and hit apply after each. Make sure that you changed the bitmap for the right colour scheme

If the other instance of Windows XP style is not there .......did you install styleXP......this program patches a file called uxtheme.dll which allows you to edit themes. You must install this program and restart before you do any editiing.

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