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Publisher Key


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Does anyone know how i can find out what the publisher key is on a computer, the guy before me at this company stole all the keys, I'm able to extract the keys from the registry for winxp pro and office xp keys, but publisher is a separate program.


bush dogg

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Look up jelly bean on google and download it.

This will give you the key I just checked my Publisher key to the one it gave me and it's right.

On the Office Version tab Publisher will be listed as

"microsoft office? #1 or microsoft office? #2"

The question mark for me is XP and my publisher key is under
"microsoft officeXP #1"

bush dogg

OSNN Senior Addict
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It does on mine and the key is correct.

Did you go to the "Office version tab" then click the arrow dropdown at the bottom?

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