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Psu Question!


Mr Dead

I have a thunderbird 1400 o/c to 1520 (multiplier 11, 138 fsb). I also have my 12X dvd rom, Liteon 12101B, Pioneer A03, 60 gig h/d. I have a large cpu cooler and 2 additional case fans. Gforce 4 mx 440 and soundblaster live 5.1 card. Usb cable modem and usb printer. Ok so here is my prob I want to o/c some more but if I increase the fsb the cable modem drops out so I thought Id just increase the multiplier to 11.5. My pc boots to the desktop then just freezes. Could this be caused by the power supply as its only a 270 watt unit. I realise this probably isnt up to the job now but my system is stable at the moment so is it worth upgrading the power supply and will I get that multiplier up to 11.5?

p.s. I have a QDI Legend Kudoz 7 mobo

Mr Dead

Ok so I need a new PSU so what size should I go for, would a 350 watt be ok or should I go for a 400 watt and what sort of money am I looking at for the pleasure?


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350 should be enought :) - it is recommended for GF4 card series .. Here an aluminium case ( 350W) = 109$ <> looks great also ..


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i'd do it right and get an enermax 431watt (<$100). tbird's eat up a lot of power, especially when overclocked. looks like gf4 mx's do, too (same speed as gf2.5... go figure). enermax is pretty much #1 when it comes to power supplies.

you try 133x11? set your fsb back to 133 as you really don't have any reason to increase it if your processor is unlocked. it'll give you very little increase in speed while causing stability issues.


psu PROBS.....

The difference between 350, and 400 is minimal..as both will prob. get the job done, and the dollar amount difference is nect to nothing....

Go with an Enermax 400, they also have whisper versions, and dual fans.

goto pricewatch.com for great prices, (around $100.00 I think)


Graphic Designer
The main question is : " will be enought 350W " ?
For me :
Athlon T-Bird 1,1 Ghz
1 CD-W
1 CD-Rom (disabled now )
1 Slot Cooler ( disabled now )
Gf4 MX 440 64 DDR Leadtek

With those two disabled ysterday works great , no crashing .. but how more those two "eat " ?


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It should be fine. I used to run a Athlon XP 1700, two HDDs, DVD, CD-R, and two case fans off a 300w and never had a problem


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