PSU question on IBM mobo


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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

Does an IBM PSU wired the same as an aftermarket PSU? I know the Dell mobo wire loom for the mobo is different, does IBM do the same thing. I would like to use my IBM K6 mobo in my server tower, but I would like to use my Antec PSU since there are 6 HD's in the tower. Or can the IBM 125watts handle 6 HD's (4 x80gig, 1x40gig, 1x3,5gig), CDRom, mobo, and floppy? It is being used as a FTP/File/Mail server.

is it an atx standard motherboard?

if it is not than I am not sure how it is going to work...

btw what model is it ? will allow us to look @ the info on it and what you can do :)


p.s. is a bit late here and am tired :D go easy on me lol
It is an Aptiva E26

K6 233mghz, 32meg Ram

Looks like an AT mobo. Just going by case size and age of 'puter

No Sazar,

This is for my Home File/FTP/Mail server. Just a throw-in-the-closet type tower. This server tower presently has a PIII733 mobo that I would like to use somewhere's else.

tbh I am not sure the psu will be able to handle all the hdd's and the cpu... thats a reasonable power draw and for a server you want to have stability above all else...

not sure what to suggest m8... a bigger psu may be the way to go...
I do have an 450 watter Antec that is powering the PIII server tower right now. (your right, stability, above all else). My question is: Will the Antec plug up to the IBM mobo? Or is the IBM mobo power connector wired differently?

Thanks for all your help so far, Sazar.

if its atx it will...

its 1:40am here @ the moment... I'll try and get some info for you tomorrow if I can :)

bump it if I have not responded by noon american eastern time :)
the old k6 mobo is most likely AT. open it up and make sure; do 3 plugs from teh power supply plug into the mobo or one? if 3, the antec ATX power supply won't work.

can adapters be bought, though? :confused:
Umm, the AT standard used 2 plugs. Single row of pins on each and usually placed in line with each other.

The AT and ATX are not compatible with each other. For one thing the ATX needs a momentary pushbutton case switch connected through the MB to operate. The AT needs to have it's input power line switched which means 115Vac lines running form the back of the case to the front.

The good news is that IBM used standard components unlike DELL, Compaq and others. Good luck finding an AT power supply over 250W. I had a couple of old 250W AT's but threw them out recently (sorry).
That's okay, Leejend.

Thanks for the offer. Because of the PSU issues, I will be looking at cheap ATX mobo/cpu/ram for my server tower. I really would like to continue using the Antec400W for this tower as because of all the Hd's in it. This server tower was the main reason why I bought the Antec.

LeeJend said:
Umm, the AT standard used 2 plugs. Single row of pins on each and usually placed in line with each other.
oh, well there must be two different kinds, then. i have a k6-3 here with three connectors, all in a row.

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