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PSU Problem or Motherboard?



I am having similar problems to that 69 dude. I had a 250W PSU running a p4 1.4 3 HDD's and a cd-rom drive. It ran fine for weeks after I put the extra two harddrives. I figured that because the power plug is there to be used it should work fine.

When I turned the power on yesterday there was a strange crackling noise coming from the PSU and the led's on the motherboard were flickering lightly. It didn't sound good, so today I bought a 300W PSU, hooked everything up and turned the power on but nothing happened. The PSU was making a strange high pitch whining sound.

I tried different power leads and power points but nothing. I am wondering whether this has fried my motherboard. Or if its the motherboard that is stuffed up and not the PSU. One thing I think I might have done wrong was connect the power plug to my floppy drive upside down.

I am no electrician and need to know what's going on with my system. Is there anyone who can tell me if its the PSU or more likely a problem with my config.

Cheers.:p :p :p :p


Was your 300W PSU cheap?

If it was, it could actually be worse than your 250watt.

Take the PSU back to where you purchased it. Get them to try it out. If its stuffed get them to give you a replacement.


$55 AU.

It didnt come in a box or anything either.

Could it have been my system that made it toast?


Was it a codegen???

Cause those suck =P

$55 you got what you paid for... crap =P

I recommend a Antec Truepower 430watt... plenty of power for today and tomorrows needs.

Take it back to whoever u purchased it from. Just tell them that it shorted itself out. No need to tell them it was your motherboard. And i doubt it was your motherboard


I had a simular problem, seemed my psu fried my mb, i'm not sure of the name, but i call them capacitors, the silver componets on mb, looked like jiffy pop popcorn after popped lol. One thing i found out, was, there isn't a certain thing wrong in any instance. Good luck, and check for jiffy pop popcorn on mb.
That could have been a case of bad capacitors and not bad PSU. If the mobo was fairly new (6-12 months) it could be one of those woth bad capacitors. So the mobo may have killed the PSU and not vice versa. ;)

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