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PSP vs PhotoShop..



I'm currently using PSP7 for my image editting.. Is there an advantage of Photoshop over it? I mean is it worth downloading it? I have a 56k connection afterall :(
Depends on what you do ...

Photoshop is for professionals, who need absolute control over everything they do. It has higher system requirements, and might be more daunting at first.

PSP is great for everyday image editing. Unless you're going to use some of the professional features and plugins of Photoshop, you don't really need it. PSP costs a lot less than Photoshop as well.

By "download," I hope you mean the trial version ;) Both of the above are commercial applications that cost $$$.

If you're looking for true freeware (open-source, multi-platform), check out The GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program).


psp is a nice little program and does alot for a little ...for just playing around with images and making the odd graphic its more than most will ever need

i see alot of ppl here have Photoshop 7 also by looking at desktops ...but its way more than you need and very expensive

i doubt 1 in 10 could provide sales receipts for it tho :)


Well thanx.. guess I'll be sticking to PSP7, I just got so use to it... and I'm certainly no professional! :)
honerable mention for fireworks too........ all depends on the final usage - for web i like it best

for heavy pro stuff photoshop is still king


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Originally posted by Burpster
i doubt 1 in 10 could provide sales receipts for it tho :)

So can I... :cool: (Paint Shop Pro 7.02)

And yes Fireworks is very good for web imaging, but you can still do alot with PSP and alot for the web.

And at $82.00 U.S.(boxed... $74.00 downloaded) it's a great buy.
i know it ain't legal the copies some have, but there is a positive outlook to it somewhat.......

if some kid gets a copy and key, and learns to use it enough to go into a career using it, then in the future thats more they will sell cause once they go commercial they will have to buy it or the company they work for..........
so in a way thats more users learning their product than would have had access to it if it couldn't be cracked/keyed.

I'm not promoting this but it helps to be able to do it sometimes to see if a piece of software is what you really need before you plop down hundreds of dollars......:huh: :eek: :blink:


Yeah!! ... I'll admit I have a few fakes, but they dont care about that here... no FBI or CIA comin' crashing through my door...


wholeheartly agree with you spike ...highend apps are regularly download in pirate form just to source them out before the person actually makes a case to buy them for the company


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In response to your original question, not the FBI and Warez. I used to use psp until I discovered photoshop. It’s a lot better once you learn it (its not that hard... don't bother gettin a book either, just look on the internet for tutorials and play around with it too) , and I also have 56k. Its worth the download (trail edition ;) :rolleyes: )


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dont make fun of us!

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