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PSP Handheld Unveiled!


Boogie Nights...!
"With Sony's pre-show conference now in full swing the Playstation Portable has been fully unveiled to the awed masses. As well as the first images of the wee beast in action, we've news herein on the specifications and other such details, including clues to the titles that we'll be playing on this device Sony claim can produce full-motion "3D-CG" visuals similar to the PS2."


Image attached to stop side-scrolling-of-doom
-- SPeedY_B


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I think my brain had an orgasm.

Should Sony muster up the cash and just buy Nintendo. I mean I really love Nintendo and their suite of games (mario, zelda, metroid) but I don't want them to go the way of the atari. I figure a partnership with Sony would be much better.


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Looks good, but looks hellishy susceptible to damage. One of the reaons why I like the GBA is that you don't need to treat it like an expensive mobile phone...it's just a portable gaming device that can take a few knocks.

That's also why I like the DS, although it has been said that the design is not final.
geez its so sexy! o by the way its gonna cost about $400... and it will be able to play movies too...i forgot how much the nintendo DS will cost. probably a lot cheaper b/c i think it won't be able to play movies

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