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I got a psp for christmas and itz amazing just wondered if any 1 else had 1 and could recomend any gd games to get for it i already have burnout legends,pusuit force and starwars battlefront 2 which are all amazing games.


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need for speed mw is rubbish on psp i had it and they cut all the story out so all u do is race itz v borin so i took it bk and got the xbox version. But i dunno about codedarms might have to give it a go


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seriously a story for NFSMW all you want to do is race dont you. I mean seriously a PSP you will only use at those times when you are waiting on something. Well thats my deal with it. I usually dont play any games but I do recommend GTA LCS (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). ot only do you get a game but you also get to use HomeBrew on it as well. You know like play SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, Atari games and what not. Not only that there are also some helpful apps you can use as well. I use a few scheduling programs for me to keep track of jobs I do. So yeah thats the story on my side. The PSP is one killer device.


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yh, i was thinking of getting the Godfather on psp do u think it would b better that getting gta lcs or not i dunno cuz i havent played either .


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the godfather game sounds like it is definately gonna be good but i didnt know it was coming on psp... i might have to go get it....


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GTA, and NFSMW are the best, I think. Just search around, there are lot's of good ones. Oh yea, Daxter is good.

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