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PSP-7 .. Change image to Bl & Wh .... ?


I'm Beginning Somehow...
As above ......

How does one change a color image to a black and white image and still keep some quality in the picture ...... Using Paint Shop Pro 7 ..... ?



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First, make sure the image you are working with has a color depth of 16 million colors (with your image open, click the *colors* tab, scroll down to *increase color depth*).

Then click on the *effects* tab and sharpen, enhance photo, clarify etc...

Play with it till you got it the way you want. Then click the *colors* tab again and click *gray scale*.

You should retain all the qualities of the image. But you can also click *colors* tab after you convert and scroll to *increase color depth* and incerease to 16 milion while it's still gray scale. Then save as a JPEG. Click *file* scroll down to *save as* when the save window opens up you will see:

Play with it till you get it the way you want. ENJOY. :D

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