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[PSA] E3 Hi-Res Game Videos

If you want a lot of nice videos from E3, many in HD, and you want to download them for free, check out this page at Gamershell.com. Glad to have a 6Mb connection :) This Elder Scrolls: Oblivion trailer is 85 MB, Quake 4 trailer is 164MB and the Call of Duty 2 is 196. If you like nice-quality looks at upcoming games, though, it's well worth it.


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Call of Duty 2 looks freaking amazing...can't wait to play it! As for Quake 4, never been a fan of twitch gameplay...if they tone it down a bit for the 360 I might check it out :) Oblivion also looks like a quality RPG :)


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I'm looking forward to Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivian. Yay! Surprising Square is bringing FFXI to Xbox360 according to one of the trailers. If that is any indication of what will happen in the future, that'll be a big blow to Sony and their hold of the series.

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