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PS3 "Life" vs Xbox "Live"


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The recent hype surrounding the PS3 article from Pulse regarding the media interface has promted new information from a forum post on playstation.com

The story is more than one page, behold!
key points:

* PS3 will have online service that goes beyond xbox live
* PS3 will be a DVR
* It will connect with psp
* There are alot of games being worked on for it right now in the US (alot more then what people know about)
* The final ps3 dev kit is alot faster than they thought (according to the developer)
* The ps3 will have an itunes type service to let you download HI DEF movies, music, etc
* The Ps3 will take the media center functionality the 360 has even further

* PS3 will serve as a location free player for the psp, means you can watch the dvd's that you have in your psp on your psp (from anywhere in the world), or any other video files you have on your ps3, though this is still only being planned.

* PSP will be able to send its files straight to the psp from anywhere in the world, and it can also control its DVR functionalities

* Firmware updates will add more functionality, much like with the psp

* The Blu Ray Player functionality doesnt cost as much as a stand alone player because the Cell and RSX can take care of alot of the stuff the ps3 will need to do to be able to read the disks

* Fall release date for ps3, no release date for online service, but expected to launch w/ the system
only speculation at this point, many have doubt because sony has been very quiet about release dates, and information. as a Sony slappy myself, this could only mean good thing for the PS3...waiting patiently...:smoker:

link to playstation forum


yea that does sound great. I guess its time to preorder :) afraid to see the price tag on it, but it doesn't really matter as long as it RULES

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There hasn't been anything that wasn't prerendered yet has there?
But yes, this thing will be powerful but then again it will be newer so you would expect that?


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I also want to get hi-def TV, for either system

The PS3 better take advantage of a later release, and not have any shortcomings as the xbox360 did, but I think I will stick with the xbox as I like their sports games better.


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Those sound like some killer features. However, this is Sony and therefore I’ll remain skeptical until I actually see these features working.

But, hot damn.

It’s going to be a DVR? Sweet.

You can transfer files (including video) between the PSP and the PS3? This is one of the features I wanted from Microsoft’s rumored iPod-PSP thinger.

And this goes one step further by making it location free! There are already location free players on the market, but with this they might become more mainstream.

iTunes like service? Well the 360 is supposed to be getting an MSN service with video and music as well, but sounds wicked to me. I just hope all the content is not stuffed full of DRM, and that it won’t use proprietory formats.

Are you guys more excited about the PS3 now? Because I certainly am.


excited?? no, hopeful, yes :) give me a release date and 2 weeks to pay for it and then you will see me happy.. For ps2 I pre-ordered from KB toys thinking it would be ahuge line and what not, so i get there at like 5am for the 6am opening brother and I wait for 45minutes till others even go inside the mall to wait in line.. I expect it to be the same way this time lol.


sony do not mention that stuff for a while.. I expect to be about $450-$500 though since its supposed to have so many features. Plus I don't think its going to be geared to youngsters so that is even better so maybe the parents rush to buy their kids one, won't happen
Sony says as soon as March? Or not. They have taken back that statement at least twice now.

Im hopeful for March :rofl right..a month away some places say and we havent even heard the final specs. If anything, March 07.....
werd it will not be release in spring.

I work for Sony, we do not have an offical date on it, it might draw back to mid or later summer even fall....

Who knows ;-] i'm ready to purchase one

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