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PS3 Launchdate official: November (06, jokesters..)


March 15, 2006 - Sony Computer Entertainment and its impending PlayStation 3 console made headlines tonight for the first time in a big, big way since May. While the business presentation may not have been the megaton-blast of game and hardware news that some had hoped (no games were shown at the event, with SCE still planning in the future for playable PS3 demonstrations), a number of fantastic and potentially shocking announcements were made at the event. Not to be left out, SCE's successful PSP handheld system was also given reason to shout about with announcements of new features and future plans. And even SCE's workhorse PS2 system was given mention at the event, although not in the way that some might have expected.

Below is a breakdown of all of the news live from SCE's 2006 PlayStation Business Briefing. We'll have further news in the near future on all of these stories, and stay tuned -- the dam has broken on some big, big news, and hot news for PlayStation fans may finally start flowing now that Sony has started the rush.

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